Profiles & Policies


think's travel hub allows for organisations, and their think approved travel partners, to ensure that all of the information about their travelling staff is stored. This enables a safer and more controlled but flexible offering for staff travel whilst delivering unprecedented access to information for the executive team.


Due to the integrated nature of the travel approval/booking process right through to changes and acquittal, think's profile and powerful workflow engine gives organisations the ability to guide travellers through an 'IN' policy process, dynamically. This simply means that staff no longer need to know the intricacies of the current travel policy or procedures. think guides them through the process, which in turn increases compliance, reduces costs and provides better duty of care and OHS.

Bookings & Approvals


think actively sources the best content from GDS and non GDS content providers, applies policies based on profile and workflow engine and dynamically creates packages containing the best option for the traveller. This reduces the amount of time spent searching through travel content that is not relevant and ensures a faster end-to-end approval and booking process.


Through dynamic policy enforcement, manual booking approvals are exceptions rather than rules. This means that cost saving benefits for booking earlier can be gained, whilst ensuring that the appropriate policies are enforced.


OHS & Duty of Care


think integrates a number of 3rd party content providers which provide travellers with alerts and contextual information about the destination they are proposing to travel to and the destinations that they are in. Flags and alerts prior to travel and during the trip enable a more comprehensive and more integrated platform for better OHS and Duty of Care for travellers.


Due to think's unique closed loop approach, information pertaining to the location of staff is more accurate than ever before. think does not just rely on the PNR information of travellers but rather a number of data sources that enables think to observe the geographical location of staff as they travel.

Events & Expensing


Creating bookings and events for individuals or groups has never been easier. think integrates simple point and click capabilities, regardless of what credit card is being used, to complete bookings such as flights or conferences.


Intelligent recognition of transactions enables users to view the transactions and 'click to acquit' which ensures faster, more accurate acquittals as well as much better compliance rates. At the end of the acquittal process, information pertaining to the performance of the trip is shown to the traveller. Not only is it easier than ever before, it is also a great way to educate travellers on how to manage their spend better.


Multi GDS & Direct Supply Content


think has an agnostic approach to GDS content, giving your organisation flexibility to change based on your requirements. Although the GDS may change, the engagement with your travellers won't, giving you greater flexibility without the pain of change.


As more and more content is being made accessible directly from suppliers, think enables suppliers to integrate directly through their own API or to manually upload their content via the think supplier interface.

Travel Management Companies


Travel is a dynamic spend industry that requires intricate and detailed integration with numerous parties. think has invested heavily in working with a number of highly specialised Travel Management Companies that fulfil different needs for different clients. This investment ensures a fully integrated experience with the complete travel supply chain across all industries.


All think Travel Management Companies must be accredited with both IATA and with think's own standards which include service delivery and technical capability ensuring the best outcomes for think's customers.


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