‘think Global Services is focused on simplifying the supply structures of clients to increase the value of their organisations and to improve bottom line results. think Global Services are changing the supply status quo and in doing so are supporting organisations by designing contemporary supply solutions. Doing business and managing organisational expenditure should be simple, as should operational buying, customer engagement and the deployment of the think procurement platform.


think passionately believes in the tangible benefits of leading practice procurement and simple supply management, as a value enabler, in increasingly competitive global markets. think is also strongly committed to the development of the procurement profession and its ongoing role in growing Australia’s economy, shareholder value and public sector value.

Superior & Sustainable Outcomes


think’s philosophy is to ‘deliver low cost outcomes that exceed the requirements of our clients’. think global services deliver on this promise through its partnership team that have ‘real’ hands on senior level procurement experiences across:

  • the private, public and education sectors;
  • within local and global market leaders; and
  • broad market and geographical exposure.


think global services maintain a number of strategic partners, both locally and globally, that help think global services scale resources and provide deployment support as needed to exceed our client’s expectations.

think Global Services maintains a number of strategic relationships with global leaders in procurement technology which compliments think’s disruptor procurement cloud platform. These service providers strongly reflect think Global Services' passion and experience while enhancing the think cloud platform.


Leading Practice Procurement


think Global Services partners have held senior leadership positions and led procurement design and transformational activities across a number of sectors. As such, we are able to bring this experience to our customers in order to enhance the performance of their procurement functions, to improve the value they can achieve from their supply partners and add value to their bottom line.


The think Global Services team has extensive senior international procurement and supply experience in a wide variety of categories, ranging from: travel; mergers & acquisitions; capital equipment; construction; electricity; technology (ICT); consulting services; recruitment; real estate & facilities, and many other direct and indirect categories. We are able to assist in developing and embedding an effective procurement structure to deliver real and tangible results.

Opportunity Assessment


Understanding what is being spent is the first step in being able to manage spend more effectively. think Global Services are experts in collecting, categorising and cleansing spend data, either undertaking a spend diagnostic project utilising advanced spend analytics tools, developing a spend management program or analysing spend within the think platform. think Global Services are able to work with organisations to identify the correct categorisation of spend and opportunities to manage existing expenditure in a more meaningful way that improves the bottom line performance of your organisation.


Once spend is clearly understood, think Global Services can work with organisations to develop reporting frameworks so as to interpret future spend and to benchmark spend against the market to ensure the most effective price is achieved. Using think Global Services skills and experience, or combined with the think platform, has major benefits, due to think's closed loop purchase to pay environment, reporting is more accurate and richer than ever before. Similarly, as think accesses market pricing from over 10 million SKUs, this enables access to price movements, comparison to contracted prices, validation of existing contract pricing or identify areas for quick wins.


Outsourcing Practice Procurement


think believes that strategic procurement activities for large organisations need to remain in house to ensure alignment to stakeholder’s requirements and overarching business objectives. However, think does believe there is a need to remove repeatable and tactical functions from a procurement team, those that consume time and drag the operational focus from strategic down to tactical – these should be outsourced.


These functions can be supported through effective tools and/or consolidated to third parties, such as the think platform or think Global Services. For activities such as goods receipting, invoice matching, payments, catalogue management, expense management, the RFx activity, spot buys from the market and travel management, outsourcing significantly reduces the cost of resources in Accounts Payable, procurement support roles, consolidating third party procurement providers and vendor maintenance. think Global Services offers a number of outsourcing options, either through and supported by the think platform or directly to its customers.

Policy Formation & Audit


think Global Services partners have broad experience in developing and implementing procurement policy and buying policy management, and can help in defining policy development to ensure procurement compliance and reduction in maverick spending. think Global Services can also review all current policies for each category of spend and identify which policies will add value in the future, which policies need to be updated and identify what new policies need to be implemented.


As policies are inbuilt into the think platform, the platform undertakes dynamic policy enforcement in the background on each transaction. think also ensures that ‘out of policy’ transactions are the exception rather than the rule and hence require additional approvals. In some categories within the think, such as travel, booking outside the policy shows the lost savings such as booking to close to departure date. think Global Services can use this inherent experience of workable policies within the think platform to audit your existing policies to further enhance you current performance or help ensure fit-for-purpose policies before a migration into the think platform.


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