Cash Flow Management


think's payment engine combined with think's procurement platform enables procurement and finance to understand exactly what the cash flow requirements of the business are at the present time.


Finance have the power to override standard procurement policies in situations where spending needs to be controlled. Rather than stopping spending completely, think gives finance the ability to control spending where required by making their approval necessary on each transaction.

Removing the Long Tail


think acknowledges that transactional suppliers as a group are integral for any organisation to function. However, the cost to manage and pay these suppliers is disproportionate to the spend. In fact the cost to manage this spend can be as much as 80% of the accounts payable team whilst the spend might be as little as 5% of the overall expenditure.


By processing the engagement of transactional suppliers through to the payments, more focus can be spent on strategic suppliers. This additional focus allows even greater benefits to be gained by both your organisation and strategic suppliers.

Discounts, Terms & Rewards


With think, suppliers are paid quickly. Depending on the receipting process, suppliers can be paid within 72 hours of providing their goods and services. This means that suppliers can submit a discount at the time of quoting which think takes into consideration when the payment is cleared.


think gives suppliers the ability to provide further rewards in the form of discounts, free services or additional goods based on the number of orders or spend. This means that the organisation benefits from rewards rather than individuals.


Although think pays suppliers within 72 hours of receipt of the goods or services, your organisation may still benefit from terms between 30 and 55 days. This means that you hold onto your cash for longer, however, the benefits of early payment, discounts and rewards can be enjoyed.

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