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think recognises the needs of organisations that have BYOD strategies or a wide range of 'access' technologies as part of their SOE.


think continues to be at the forefront of technology innovation. This innovation has enabled think's customers, both buyers and suppliers to access think from the widest possible platforms, both hardware and browser environments. This increases productivity and maximises the possibility for savings for our customers.

Platforms & Tools


Due to the breadth of connectivity options available for users, think has adapted its abilities rapidly to meet these demands. This means that think does not develop in one single language, rather it determines the best fit for purpose.


think's platform is accessible via an extensive range of smart phones and tablets whether they be Blackberry, Microsoft, Android or Apple. think has standardised many of its internal development programs with Google, Apple, Microsoft and Java, whilst incorporating the latest benefits of HTML 5, CSS 3 and Angular JS.




think ensures that all its infrastructure and applications are independently audited by accredited, external experts. Meeting PCI compliance and enforcing strategic partners to do the same demonstrates a leading role in the commitment to customers. Read more about think and PCI Compliance


think deploys many of the respected security frameworks such as OWASP to ensure that think is at the forefront of security innovation. This framework as well other in house initiatives ensures that think is at the forefront of security innovation and the latest techniques, technologies and think's approach to security in detail.



As think aims to deliver richer functionality to its customers, the importance of using the latest technologies is critical. Speed, security, flexibility and functionality are just some of the reasons why think continues to develop its browser based functionality with the capabilities only found in the latest browsers.


think supports all major browsers. think provides a complete support framework for browsers as part of its commitment to its customers. This means there is one less headache for IT departments and users.



Expectations of functionality, speed, security and accessibility have meant that think needs to be skilled in a broad range of platforms and tools.

think has grown its skill base since the 'mobile' revolution and continues to explore new innovations with new exciting tools, languages, platforms and hardware. It is this investment in experimentation that enables a much richer experience for customers whilst delivering a more robust and accessible customer experience.

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