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think is a business tool that helps you reduce costs and spend more time running your business. think aggregates our purchase volumes across all of our industries to build scale and buying power, we then deliver pre-loaded content to you via an online platform which will allow you to control the purchase and procurement processes in your business. think also consolidates payments as to reduce the burden on the account payable team’s with a single invoice and data uploads to the general ledger for automation.

think is an easy, efficient and flexible procurement platform for organisations. This adaptive platform enables clients to manage their catalogues effectively, and ensure that content is classified and enriched accordingly.

These capabilities allow us  to have a better pricing structure. We offer a modular approach to features and flexible self-configuration tools to make the procurement process easier and more efficient.

In addition to this, we take an active role in ensuring the quality and accuracy of supplier catalogue information including images, descriptions, supporting documentation, classification and search metrics at the very start of the process right through to invoice automation, reconciliation, and payments at the end of the process.

We are truly P2P in this regard as it integrates each of the required steps ensuring greater automation at the highest levels of accuracy.

why think

what we do

think has developed an online platform that helps businesses purchase better from suppliers and in doing so improve their bottom line.

how we do it

think’s platform is self-configurable, pay-as-you-go solution for efficient buying and selling. think simplifies the procurement process by automating and integrating processes that are normally undertaken directly between buyers and suppliers.

how clients benefit

think will help you take cost out of your business and put time back in to it by enabling your purchasing decisions to be cheaper & easier, faster and more secure.

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Affinity’s procurement process was heavily paper based, which was costly and prone to errors. Compounding the challenges was the issue of having more than 160 sites across different geographical locations.

Affinity also needed to address issues relating to workflow approval, ensuring the various sites were paying the contracted pricing and purchasing from quality accredited suppliers.

our solution


RMIT’s procurement procedure prior to adopting Switch On was largely paper based. They bought from multiple suppliers over multiple categories and had little control over buying or pricing. They lacked a unified reporting procedure and were challenged with payment reconciliation.

our solution

think’s capacity to manage supplier catalogues, purchase products and its ability to facilitate and disperse payments makes it a true procure-to-pay (P2P) platform.

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think makes your everyday purchasing decisions cheaper, easier, faster & more secure.

Get access to a full range of pre-negotiated everyday purchases at great prices – all in one online platform available, anytime, anywhere.

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