A masterful thought leadership conference organised by think in the TedX style, bringing together technology innovators, disruptors and storytellers.

think tank conference,
Utzon Room Sydney Opera House,
14 & 15 December.

David Rohrsheim – Uber
Sam McDonagh – Airbnb
Joe Powell – Seek
Nick Roberts – RISQ
Tim Fung – Airtasker
Ben Tamblyn – Microsoft
Tim Daniel – International SOS
Tristan Sender – GoGet
Reuben Coppa – Bitcoin
Doug Woodford – Redbearr IT
Bill Bartee – Southern Cross Venture Capital
Chris Riddell – Technology Futurist
Rachel Botsman – Collaborative Economy
Jimmy Anklesaria – Anklesaria Group
Adam Ryan – think
Grant Burley – think
Oliver tams – think