It is time for organisations to think
differently about Procurement, Payments, Insights

All your procurement needs fulfilled in one complete cloud-based solution

think delivers secure cloud based solutions for your business to business purchasing and payments needs.


think Procure
One single, secure, purchasing platform delivering fully managed catalogue services while incorporating your procurement and payment workflows and policies.


think Pay
Improves your profitability and returns by providing early payment discounting, better cashflow and working capital management. Advances supplier relationships and aggregates your purchasing data to improve procurement practices.


think Suppliers
think's managed catalogue services can enrich and deliver interactive and descriptive catalogues for your customers. think also enables suppliers to automate tasks such order entry, invoice create and catalogue updates.


think Insights
Delivers end user aggregated insights to support your financial strategies, guide informed decision making and help reduce your bottom line.

“Being at the forefront of innovation, RMIT is always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to improve our processes and deliver the best for our facility and students. It was a global search to find the right solution, so we were surprised to find one of the top solutions out there right here in Melbourne, Victoria."

- Neil Sigamoney - Strategic Procurement Manager - RMIT University