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“think is Australia’s most unique eProcurement platform and will disrupt all that we have been assuming around automated procure-to-pay. The unilateral nature of the think system connects seamlessly to support many buyers and many suppliers. Any enterprise system delivering automated procurement will need to re-think their future development plans, there is growing evidence the think platform is now rendering their models progressively redundant.”

-Luke Kenny - CEO Church Resources

RMIT confers global decision on think for use of the think procurement platform

Why did you implement think's solution?

Being at the forefront of innovation, RMIT is always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to improve our processes and deliver the best for our facility and students. It's a global search, and given this, we were surprised to find one of the top solutions out there right here in Victoria.

What is the problem think is solving for RMIT?

Once, innovation in procurement was just about reducing costs, now technology is disrupting this and is allowing companies to drive further efficiencies in the effort involved in acquiring goods and the time to delivery. think's platform delivers on this trend.
"think's platform not only enables us to get the most out of our budget but ensures we get the best resources for our facility and students in the most timely manner possible".

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